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1μm High-Power Ultrafast Laser

Product Introduction:

      NPI’s Blade series  is  industrial grade  ultrafast laser  with high stability and reliability. Its single pulse  energy is up to >50 μJ  and pulse width is <15 ps.  It is the most popular laser light source in ultrafast precision micro fabrication.

      Blade series are mainly used in microelectronics processing of 3C products,  mobile  panels and OLED components, semiconductor wafer dicing, cutting  and drilling  of  metal and  hard  brittle materials such as stainless steel, glass, sapphire and ceramics.

Key Features  Applications
 24/7 uptime  Full screen glass cutting
 Customizable wavelength   Semiconductor wafer stealth dicing
 Picosecond levelLinearly polarized    PERC thin film cutting
Linearly polarized Ceramics cutting
Diffration limited beam   Sapphire cutting

Main Specification:

Parameter  Performance
 Operating Wavelength  1064 nm
 Pulse Duration  <15 ps
Average Output Power 10 W@1 MHz, 25 W@500 kHz
 Repetition   100 kHz-5 MHz
 Single Pulse Energy  10 μJ, 50 μJ
 Peak Power  3 MW
Operating Temperature 15-35 ℃
 Power Requirement  AC 100-240V ( 50Hz/60Hz )
Dimensions  560*328*128 mm 
 Output Fiber Type  Armored cable

Test Data

1、Output Power @ 500kHz

2、Pulse Duration15ps

3、Typical output spotM2<1.3


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